Shocked dad tells of moment he found newborn baby abandoned at bus shelter in Towyn

Published date: 11 July 2017 |
Published by: Suzanne Kendrick
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A SHOCKED dad has told of the moment he and his family found a newborn baby girl abandoned and still connected to her umbilical cord in a bus shelter.

Daniel Braxton, 36, was driving from his home in Pensarn to Stoke-on-Trent with his 18-year-old daughter, Talitha Beales, and partner, Toni Pickford, 24, at about 7am this morning when his daughter cried that she had seen something ‘baby-shaped’ when passing a bus stop near the Magpie and Stump pub in Towyn.

After nearly crashing his car, Daniel abruptly turned around and drove back through Towyn to the shelter.

There the family were confronted with the heartbreaking scene of the baby lying on the ground. Daniel got to work on reviving the baby and quickly called the police and ambulance.

Daniel Braxton with daughter Talitha Beales and partner Toni Pickford.

He said: “My daughter, my partner and I set off from Pensarn this morning. I was driving my daughter to Stoke-on-Trent when she said she had seen something baby shaped, she was hysterical. We thought maybe it was a dead dog but it was most definitely a baby.

“She was black and blue, not clothed and there was no signs of life. She had been left on the tarmac. I picked her up and rubbed her chest and I had a dressing gown in my car – we were trying to get her warmed up and raise her temperature. She then opened her eyes and she was the most beautiful baby. I couldn’t believe she had woken up, she was alive.

“The whole situation has been very weird, unreal, very strange and surreal. I just hope she is alright.”

The newborn is receiving treatment at Glan Clwyd Hospital. North Wales Police have launched an appeal for the mother of the baby girl to come forward.

Helen Douglas, of North Wales Police, said: “At about 7.15am this morning a new born baby girl was found in a bus shelter by the Magpie and Stump public house in Towyn, Conwy. We want mum to know that she is currently being cared for and treated in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.

“We are concerned about the health of the mother of the baby girl and are appealing for her to come forward.”

The mother of the baby is being urged to telephone Helen on 07835923787. Concerned friends, relatives or neighbours can also make contact with Helen on the same number.

Alternatively, if anyone knows who the mother is or can provide information which may assist in identifying her, telephone police on 101 quoting reference V103529.

Helen added: “We want to ensure that the mother is provided with the medical support she needs.”

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